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Meals that are too rich, too fatty… and what if this was no longer a worry in your slimming routine? With XtraSlim Max Captor Gummies, there is no need to feel guilty anymore during your heavy meals thanks to a double action formula which captures sugars and fats thanks to Nopal and helps to lose weight thanks to Kola.

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To capture fats and sugars efficiently during rich meals, our XtraSlim Max gummies captor offers a complete and efficient formula.

A formula to capture sugars + fats from your diet

4 gummies of XtraSlim Max gummies captor help you to capture fats and sugars from your diet and to lose weight.

Our gummies are formulated with :

– known active captors such as nopal
– the essential slimming duo: chromium / zinc
– with the good taste of raspberry

A fat catcher in gummies format in your slimming routine

Our XtraSlim Max gummies captor are ideal for completing your slimming programme and slimming more effectively. What’s more, they can be taken without water and their good taste will certainly be enough to convince you to persevere!

As the name suggests, fat catchers (also known as fat absorbers) optimise the effectiveness of a slimming diet by limiting the absorption of fat ingested during your meals. They capture the fat and eliminate it before it is absorbed into the bloodstream. The fat is then directed to the intestines to be eliminated in the stool.

Our fruity tasting XtraSlim Max gummies captor will boost your slimming efforts and optimise your results, without the guilt of a heavy meal. Our double action formula captures the fats in your diet and dietary sugars. Effective and natural, Forté Pharma slimming food supplements help you with your diet or weight loss objective! They complete your slimming programme, in addition to a balanced diet, sufficient hydration and regular sporting activity.

Advice for use:

XtraSlim Max gummies captor is the ideal companion during heavy meals! Our fat catcher gummies should be taken at mealtime. You can take 4 gummies a day during your daily meals or punctually during a festive meal that you wish to lighten.

Precautions for use:

XtraSlim Max gummies captor is an effective fat catcher for those who want to slim down their waistline and lose weight more easily. It is not recommended for pregnant or breast-feeding women, nor for children.