At Pharmacie Gillain, we do our utmost to offer you services at the cutting edge of technology. New to us is the SUDOSCAN consultation. This is a highly specialised device that assesses sweat function. The procedure is reliable, quick (3 minutes) and painless.


Impeto Medical has developed a patented technology that enables sweat function to be assessed quickly and non-invasively. The results are a conductance, which expresses the health of the small nerve fibres that innervate the sweat glands. The ease of use, quantitative, reproducible and sensitive results encourage its use to detect and monitor small fibre neuropathy (autonomic peripheral neuropathy).

These neuropathies may be present in patients suffering from pre-diabetes or diabetes. This method enables this complication of diabetes, which is generally poorly monitored, to be identified at a very early stage. The introduction of specific medical care for neuropathies at an early stage, when they are still reversible, could prevent the development of more serious and costly complications.
Autonomic peripheral neuropathy can also occur in patients suffering from pain, amyloidosis or receiving chemotherapy.


The patient places their hands and feet on the electrodes.
A low electrical voltage is applied to the surface to stimulate the sweat glands.
The results of the response to this stimulation are expressed as :
Electrochemical Skin Conductance for SUDOSCAN, indicating the presence and severity of autonomic peripheral small fibre neuropathies.

Applications of SUDOSCAN

Sweat dysfunction is a common phenomenon and one of the first detectable abnormalities in many peripheral and autonomic neuropathies. Small fibre neuropathies have been tested with SUDOSCAN in various diseases and against reference diagnostic tests:

– Neurology
– Impaired glucose tolerance
– Diabetes
– Oncology
– Dyslipidemia
– Genetic diseases
– Infectious diseases
– Autoimmune diseases
– Vitamin deficiency

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