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When the urge to snack is too strong, it’s time to opt for a simple and effective slimming solution: the appetite suppressant!
XtraSlim Max Appetite Suppressant Gummies are chewing gummies with a good peach taste that help you reduce your appetite and your cravings for snacks while activating your weight loss thanks to carob.

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It’s hard to resist a packet of biscuits or the urge to have a refill when your appetite is too great. There’s no need to jeopardise your slimming programme with our XtraSlim Max Appetite Suppressant gummies. They act to reduce your appetite and your cravings for nibbles with their complete and effective formula.

A formula with 6 slimming active ingredients in sugar-free appetite suppressant gummies

Find 6 essential slimming active ingredients for an action on the reduction of appetite and cravings for nibbles with only 3 XtraSlim Max Appetite Suppressant gummies per day.

Its formula contains:

– effective appetite suppressants such as carob
– the slimming duo: chromium / zinc
– vitamins from the B group

Pleasant to take, XtraSlim Max Appetite Suppressants are gums with a good peach taste.

An appetite suppressant in gummies format to complete your slimming routine

This is the latest product not to be neglected when you want to complete your slimming programme or control your weight over time. XtraSlim Max Appetite Suppressant gummies are easy to incorporate into your daily routine and will prevent you from getting cravings.

Known for their traditional use, certain plants can be a great solution to reduce the feeling of hunger and the desire to nibble while facilitating your weight loss. The Mediterranean fruit of the carob tree, carob swells in the stomach to increase satiety and limit cravings. Its pods are therefore very popular for weight loss. The action of carob is reinforced by gymnema (Marsdenia sylvestris), used to regulate blood sugar levels. This plant originates from India, where it is called “gurmar”, which means “sugar destroyer”. This name refers to its action on the absorption of sugar in the body. Of course, for optimal results, our herbal appetite suppressant food supplement should be taken in conjunction with dietary measures.

How to take:

Our fruity-tasting gummies make you feel full and help you fight cravings for often high-calorie comfort foods. Take them before one of your main meals (at breakfast, snack time, or before dinner) or when you feel like snacking to help control your cravings. To enjoy the benefits of XtraSlim Max Appetite Suppressant, the recommended dosage is three gums per day.

Precautions for use:

XtraSlim Max Appetite Suppressant is a food supplement for adults only. It is not a substitute for a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. It is recommended not to exceed the recommended daily dose and not recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding women and children without medical advice.

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