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Saforelle Ultra Absorbent Pants offer freedom of comfort and movement in complete safety for the well-being of your privacy. A new generation of protection, 100% safe, effective, comfortable and uncompromising. The Saforelle Ultra Absorbent Pant, tested under dermatological control, has all the assets to become THE essential protection for all women:

As discreet as a classic panty with its 3 mm thickness.
As absorbent as three normal sized pads.
Anti-leakage and waterproof for maximum safety and efficiency.
Reusable during 100 washes for greater respect for the environment and your wallet.
Non-irritating thanks to its 95% cotton composition certified Oeko Tex and without chemical absorbent for a perfect intimate softness.
Multi-purpose panty, you can use it at any time during your cycle, depending on your flow and habits, alone or in addition to a traditional sanitary protection.
It can also be worn in case of mild bladder weakness.
Before first use, wash the panties.
The absorbent structure must be in contact with the genital area.
Do not use fabric softener during washing as it may reduce absorption efficiency.
Do not iron the absorbent panties.
Do not use bleach.
Hand pre-wash in cold water.


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