Magnifying glasses: the solution for presbyopes!

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NATURA has created magnifying glasses with wooden temples in a powerful, innovative and distinctive design. This material is known for its solidity and lightness, to combine originality and comfort.

Magnifying glasses

Presbyopia is a normal process linked to the ageing of the eye and gradually sets in around the age of 40. Thanks to magnifying glasses, this natural phenomenon is easily compensated for. The lenses of HORIZANE magnifying glasses have a double anti-scratch treatment and are made of acrylic.

Bamboo temples

The NATURA model has a lightweight frame made of high-density polycarbonate and high quality real bamboo temples. They are very comfortable to wear and ultra light, the raw materials are healthy and leave no fingerprints. The NATURA has a metal hinge and an internal flex, which makes it particularly durable, flexible and comfortable to wear.


Magnifying glasses are worn on the tip of the nose for all activities requiring visual effort such as reading, electricity, DIY, sewing, crafts, etc.