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When temperatures rise, annoying insects have high season again. And this can not only be a test for our nerves, but can also lead to itchy and painful insect bites. Last but not least, insects and ticks can also transmit dangerous diseases – on journeys (e.g. malaria) as well as in Germany (e.g. borreliosis), now that a new, less known tick species – the alluvial forest tick – is on the advance in Germany, the subject of tick protection is becoming increasingly important. It’s a good thing that Anti Brumm® Forte is available: With the effective mosquito repellent, mosquitoes and ticks can be reliably kept away.

Anti Brumm® Forte: with DEET – reliable insect repellent for up to 6 hours
Based on the effective active ingredient N,N-diethyl-m-toluamide (DEET), Anti Brumm® Forte reliably protects up to 6 hours against day- and dawn-active insects and malaria vectors. This particularly long-lasting effectiveness also convinces a renowned test institute such as Stiftung Warentest: In the mosquito repellent category, Anti Brumm® Forte once again received the highest mark of “very good” (1.2)* in test 05/2017. In the case of tick protection, the combined product even came out as the test winner with the best mark (0.6). A total of 14 mono and combination products were tested.

Anti Brumm® ForteMosquito repellent: Good protection against mosquitoes even in the tropics
Anti Brumm® Forte with its long-term and effective protective effect scored particularly well with tropical mosquito species such as Culex or Aedes mosquitoes with its reliable protection: With the very good award in the field of mosquito protection, it is recommended against both day- and night-active bloodsuckers.

“Due to the increasing prevalence of vectors (mosquitoes) and increased travel activity, mosquito-transmitted infections – and especially dengue fever and still malaria – represent a relevant health risk for travelers,” says Professor Dr. med. Tomas Jelinek, Scientific Director of the CRM Center for Travel Medicine.1

The Asian tiger mosquito, for example, has long since made its home in Italy, France, Spain and the warmer regions of southern Germany due to the creeping global warming.

Anti Brumm® Forte has also been successfully tested by the Swiss Tropical Institute against the yellow fever mosquito Aedes aegypti and the malaria mosquito Anopheles gambiae.

More than just mosquito repellent: no compromises – even with tick repellents
Hiking in high grass, a picnic in the meadow – as soon as the beautiful weather attracts people to the open air, there is also the danger of a tick bite. And although the bite of the small crawling animals is not painful in itself, this does not mean that the animals are harmless. Ticks are dangerous carriers of disease: around 50 different diseases are known to transmit ticks, including the dreaded early summer tick-borne encephalitis (TBE) and Lyme borreliosis.
This makes protection against ticks all the more important. After a stay in nature, it is advisable to search thoroughly for ticks. And insect repellents such as Anti Brumm® Forte can also be used to keep ticks at bay.