Herbal laxative.

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What is Midro Herbal Tea and when is it used?

Midro Herbal Tea is a herbal laxative to treat temporary constipation (e.g. due to a change of diet, travel or bed rest).

How do I use Midro Herbal Tea?

Adults and children from 12 years of age

Unless otherwise advised by the doctor, chew ½ to 1½ short measuring spoons or ¼ to no more than the contents of one sachet (max. 1.5 g), preferably before bedtime, then swallow with a little water. The effect is visible after about 8 hours. Start with ½ measuring spoon or ¼ of one packet of Midro Herbal Tea.

Adapt the dose to your needs, increasing or decreasing it if necessary. The daily intake should not exceed 30 mg of hydroxyanthracene derivatives (calculated as sennoside B), i.e. approximately 1½ scoops.

Please follow the dosage stated in the package leaflet or prescribed by your doctor. If you have the impression that the medicine is too effective or too little, please contact your doctor, pharmacist or druggist.

Midro Herbal Tea has not been studied for use in children under 12 years of age. It should only be given to children under 12 years of age on the advice of a doctor.

Can Midro Herbal Tea be used during pregnancy or while breastfeeding?

Midro Herbal Tea should only be taken during pregnancy or while breastfeeding on medical advice.

What does Midro Herbal Tea contain?

Sennae folium 75% corresp. hydroxyanthracenae 2.7%, malvae flos 1%, calcatrippae flos 1%, menthae piperitae 7%, carvi fructus 10%, liquiritae radix 6%.