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Symptomatic treatment of nasal congestion in case of acute colds and vasomotor rhinitis.

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Clears blocked noses
NasaSinutab 1 mg/ml nasal spray solution is intended for local administration into the nose in adults and children aged 7 and over. NasaSinutab is a nasal decongestant belonging to the sympathicomimetic group.

NasaSinutab is indicated for decongesting the nasal mucosa in the event of acute colds, during episodes of excessive secretion of fine liquid mucus (vasomotor rhinitis). It is recommended that you first rinse your nose with a saline solution.

This medicine can be used if the blocked nose problem persists. You should contact your doctor if you do not feel any improvement or if you feel less well after 5 days.

How to use Nasa Sinutab 1mg – Spray

Adults and children aged 7 and over: 1 nebulisation in each nostril, once or several times a day, as required. Do not administer more than 3 times a day. NasaSinutab can be dosed very precisely using the dosing spray. This medicine can be used for a maximum of 5 consecutive days.

Instructions for use
Step 1 Remove the plastic cap from the spray nozzle.

Step 2 When using the spray for the first time, or after a period when it has not been used, press down on the metering pump while holding the base of the bottle with your thumb, then release it so that the solution can be sprayed.

Step 3 Hold the bottle upright and insert the spray tip into one nostril. Press the metered dose pump and inhale through your nose at the same time. Then release the pump and remove it from the nostril. Repeat this operation for the other nostril.

Step 4 Clean the spray nozzle and replace the plastic cap after use.

Composition of Nasa Sinutab 1mg – Spray

Active substance

  • xylometazoline hydrochloride

Other ingredients

  • benzalkonium chloride
  • sodium edetate
  • sodium dihydrogen phosphate dihydrate
  • sodium hydrogen phosphate dihydrate
  • sodium chloride
  • sorbitol 70% non-crystallisable
  • purified water


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