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ORAL-B’s Genius Care electric toothbrush, with its ultra-fine bristles, gently cleans and helps prevent gum problems.
It also allows you to customize your brushing with multiple modes and levels of pressure control.
With its angled bristles, the toothbrush reaches hard-to-reach areas.
Its 2-minute timer allows you to respect the brushing time recommended by dentists.
Protective of your gums, this toothbrush has a pressure indicator light when the pressure is too strong on the gums.
The Li-ON battery provides up to 2 weeks of brushing with a full charge.
The toothbrush can be connected to a Smart Coaching application to guide you during your brushing.

  • Tilt and turn technology: 9,900 revolutions/min – 45,000 pulses/min / Pro Clean mode: 10,500 revolutions/min + 48,000 pulses/min
  • 6 Brushing modes
  • Professional Timer: (4×30 SEC)
  • Checking the pressure on the gums: Red indicator lights up – Reduced brushing speed – Pulsation stop
  • 1 Brush Sensi-UltraThin
  • 1 Interspace Brush: for hard-to-reach areas. Recommended for people with bridges, crowns and implants.
  • Smartphone-holder
  • Bluetooth connection for Smart Coaching / Position Sensor and Gum Guard
  • Travel case
  • Charge indicator 14 DAYS autonomy