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trackle is an innovative temperature sensor that helps women to recognise their fertile timewindow – and does s o particularly precisely and safely.

How does it work?

Most people have heard of the so-called temperature method: by observing the body’s core temperature, which rises around ovulation, women can tell whether they can become pregnant or not – because pregnancy is only possible around ovulation.

A particularly well researched method for determining fertility is the symptothermal method. With the symptothermal method, the observation of the body core temperature is combined with other fertility parameters (for example, the cervical mucus) and the time of ovulation is determined from this – this is particularly reliable due to the double safeguarding. It is also considered the safest method of contraception in Natural Family Planning.

trackle has digitalised this method and made it very easy for all women to use:

the tampon-sized temperature sensor is worn vaginally at night and transmits its data for calculation the next day – together with the user’s cervical mucus data, the fertility status is calculated and displayed in the app. In this way, the trackle user can easily see on a daily basis: is today a fertile day or not? Have a child now? Every woman decides for herself. The trackle can therefore be used for those who wish to have children as well as for hormone-free contraception.

Important to know: Thanks to the constant measurement while sleeping, the time of measurement no longer plays a role. Irregular cycles, PCO or irregular sleep patterns, e.g. due to shift work, are no problem at all. In a simple and digital way, trackle helps all women who really want to know exactly what happens in their body and when.

– Hormone-free sensor system for determining the fertile time window without side effects.
– Simple – measureS while sleepING. Digital – evaluation in the app. Safe – scientifically researched.
– certified medical device (class IIb)
– double protection of ovulation determination through detection of core body temperature and determination of cervical mucus

Care instructions:
Only rinse under clear water. Special cleaning with detergents is not necessary. Wash hands and sensor well with water before use.

trackle Sensor System: Dimensions and weight
Packaging (data valid for all languages):
Length: 146 mm
Width: 73 mm
Height: 59 mm
Ready-for-sale trackle system in packaging i.e. ncl. storage box and instruction leaflet: 142 grams.
consists of:
Packaging: 46 grams
Instructions for use: 12 grams
Storage box: 55 grams
Sensor: 29 grammes
Dimensions of the sensor:
Length 6.6 cm
Width 2.3 cm