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Surgical mask type II. Made in Luxembourg.

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Surgical 3-ply mask, Type II are in compliance with the European standard EN 14683+AC:2019, adopted as Luxembourg standard ILNAS-EN 14683+AC:2019

Compliance tests were carried out in approved French laboratories. The masks have been tested according to EN 14683+AC:2019:

breathability test
filtration test
microbial cleanliness test

In addition, a skin tolerance test was performed. This test ensures that the mask does not cause any skin discomfort (redness, irritation, etc.)

Type II surgical mask

Filtration efficiency of at least 98%. 3-ply surgical mask, Type II, manufactured in Luxembourg by Santé Services, sister company of the Robert Schuman Hospitals.

Instructions for use

  • Wear this mask when in contact with people other than those you live with
  • Always check that the mask fits properly and covers your mouth and nose
  • Warning: if you are ill, this mask is not suitable. Ask your doctor for advice
  • This mask does not replace barrier measures (regular hand washing, physical distancing, reducing contact with other people). It adds a physical barrier, especially when you are in close contact with other people.
  • TYPE II: This mask is intended for use by nurses and medical personnel, if there is no risk of splashing, service providers and medical equipment distributors. This mask is intended for use by children 12 years and older and adults.

How to wear the mask?

Before putting it on:
  1. Before touching the mask, wash your hands with soap and water and then apply a hydroalcoholic solution
  2. Inspect the mask and make sure there are no holes, tears or damage
  3. It is recommended that the mask be worn on bare skin, avoiding contact with the hair
  4. Never modify the mask in any way
To put it on:
  1. Hold the mask by the elastic bands
  2. Place it over your mouth
  3. Put the elastic bands behind your ears
  4. Adjust the mask to cover your nose, mouth and chin. Pinch the nose clip to help.
When wearing it:
  1. Avoid touching and moving the mask.
  2. Never put it in a waiting position on the forehead or chin
  3. Cover the mouth and nose at all times
  4. The mask should be changed
  5. When you have worn the mask for 4 hours
  6. When you want to eat or drink
When it becomes difficult to breathe
  1. If the mask gets wet
  2. If the mask is damaged
  3. If the mask is deformed and no longer fits properly on your face
To remove it:
  1. Wash your hands with soap and water, then apply a hydroalcoholic solution
  2. Unhook the elastic bands to remove the mask from your face
  3. Put the mask in a plastic bag and dispose of it immediately in a sealed waste bin
  4. Finally, wash your hands again with soap and water and apply a hydroalcoholic solution

Type II surgical mask