Stir, drink, lose weight: Sounds too good to be true? But in our eyes it’s absolutely feasible – thanks to the brand new BodyChange Slim Shakes. Not only does it taste creamy and delicious, it also optimally supports your weight loss process and even replaces whole meals.

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The magic word is pea protein.
Those who follow a balanced diet have certainly heard of this natural and green source of protein: pea protein is a particularly effective protein that is highly appreciated by athletes. It is the main component of our BodyChange Slim Shake.
And there are several good reasons for this: Peas are one of the most protein-rich legumes. They are high in protein and amino acids, two important nutrients for muscle development. For strength athletes, pea protein is a valuable supplement to training – and people who want to lose weight use pea protein to support weight loss, because : Now you can easily replace meals with the BodyChange Slim Shake, high in protein and low in carbohydrates, while being satisfied with selected ingredients!
The special feature of our BodyChange Slim Shake: vegan, soy-free and low sugar!
There are countless health drinks on the market. But the problem with most products: Although they promise rapid weight loss, they are neither healthy nor durable. In addition, they contain a lot of sugar – which, however, is one of the classic weight loss inhibitors!
The BodyChange Slim Shake is completely different.
It contains up to 85 percent less sugar than conventional supermarket or drugstore substitutes. To be more precise, only 2 grams of sugar are added to each serving of Shake powder! In addition, BodyChange Slim Shake contains all the vitamins and minerals necessary for a healthy body.
During your weight loss phase, replace two main meals a day with one Slim Shake each. The nutrients it contains have a positive effect on your energy, carbohydrate and fatty acid metabolism.
Mix Slim Shake with water and vegetable oil. An agitator or mixer is best suited for this purpose. You can also add fresh fruit, vegetables or nut puree as you wish!
In order to maintain the desired weight, you can also replace one main meal a day with Slim Shake after your diet.